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What’s New on the Tube?

Want a bigger TV? We carry a wide selection of TVs from the top brands you trust and in sizes ranging from a modest 32 inches to a whopping 85 inches. Discover 8 or 4K UHD TVs for picture-perfect clarity, and give every seat in the house the best angle with a curved design. For innovative features like streaming, voice control and more, check out smart-enabled LED or OLED TVs! Or look for outdoor TVs to create the epic all-season hangout spot.
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Break it Down Pixel by Pixel

We get it—the last thing you want is a mini math course to interrupt the thrill of television shopping. Industry terms are intimidating at first, but they essentially come down to pixel count and light display.

Simply put, a television’s resolution is defined by the number of pixels that run across a grid on the screen. While the pixel count determines how sharp an image looks, other factors that go into image display—such as color saturation and contrast—are also worth considering.

TVs come in the following native resolutions:

  • Small HD TVs: 1,280 x 720 pixels
  • Standard HD TVs: 1,920 x 1,080 pixels
  • 4K UHD TVs: 3,840 x 2,160 pixels
  • 8K UHD TVs: 7,680 x 4,320 pixels

So Does a Larger Screen Mean More Pixels?

Nope. Instead, a larger screen has wider pixel density. This is only evident when looking at the screen close up and is actually handy for larger rooms where furniture is placed further away the TV (but not so ideal for smaller rooms).

Which Resolution is Best?

The good news is all modern televisions are substantially better than TVs from even a decade ago (we’re talking plasma).

8K televisions—also known as Ultra High-Definition (UHD), Super Hi-Vision, and UHD-2—are the latest in TV & video entertainment. 8K TV sets boast four times the resolution than 4K TVs and 16 times that of HD TVs. Shoppers can anticipate a large library of new 8K content to enjoy in the near future, including on the hottest game consoles.

As you might’ve guessed, 4K TV sets use four times the pixels as an HD TV. While still not as many as the next level up (8K), 4K televisions are still the industry leader. From Netflix and Amazon to gaming consoles, nearly all the current video content available on the market is in 4K quality.

By using backlight illumination, LED TVs are unrivaled when it comes to bright image display. While you can expect vivid color saturation on an LED television, fewer dimming zones make it harder to isolate brightness, meaning blacks and darks aren’t “true.” If you’re not caught up on the minor details, this is a fantastic selection!

OLED TVs, or organic light-emitting TVs, are all about pixel control. While regular LED TVs use local dimming across a few zones, OLED TVs do it pixel by pixel. Or, look at it this way: While LED screens feature at most 1,000 dimming zones, OLED screens boast more than 8 million.

As a result, with an OLED TV, you can expect:

  • Better contrast ratios
  • “True” black display
  • Reduced “blooming” along the border of bright images on dark backgrounds

However, these are not as bright as LCD; we suggest using an OLED in darker rooms, away from the glare of sunlight. On the bright side, this often means a longer lifetime for your investment. In fact, LG OLED TVs come with a projected lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Want to know more about TV images? Find out in our dive into how TVs prodcut images!

Explore Even More Entertainment Possibilities

Lang’s is the spot to find other TV types for the home, too!

Design a fantasy man cave or porch area to catch every football game with outdoor TVs that are reinforced to resist weather conditions. Whether it’s a cold basement or the elements in South Dakotan weather, you can always expect a forecast of fun and entertainment with an outdoor television.

Enjoy a larger viewing panorama and immersive 3D depth with the unique screen design of a curved TV. Best of all, you can still experience great color saturation and contrast, even if you’re sitting at an angle from the TV.

Start Your New Entertainment Experience Today!

Shop Lang’s Audio, TV & Appliance online or in-store for the hottest electronics in the area. Whether you’re a gamer, cinephile, or want to keep up with the latest series, our experts can set you up with a television-watching experience worthy of your downtime.